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GBC Presents Silver Chef Series

Five classes geared toward all levels of cooking expertise

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From classic comfort food to backyard grilling, Great Basin College’s Silver Chef Series will offer cooking lessons for novices to seasoned epicureans.

The goal of the five-part series is for people to expand their culinary expertise, learn new recipes and sample delicious food while in the company of others who share a similar interest.

Participants will have the opportunity to master kitchen skills from one of the area’s most accomplished culinary masters. Boys and Girls Cub Executive Chef Ian Tolotti has been a professional chef for more than 15 years. His field of expertise spans all areas of the cooking arena from fine dining dishes to food truck fare and everything in between.

“I think that we’ve designed a series that can help the foodie and the novice cook who really want to gain better skills,” Tolotti said. “Cooking is not a science, it’s a craft. Just being able to get outside their comfort zones and try something new is one of my big hopes.”

Tolotti said he is excited for the classes and wants participants to have lots of fun. The courses will offer something for everyone. Experienced cooks will be able to pick up a new set of skills while novices to the world of food preparation can build confidence in the kitchen.

“With each class we also provide a more methodical approach to the cooking process,” Tolotti said. “Every lesson has kitchen management, food safety and recipe prep, substitutions and more.”

The series kicks off Jan. 10 with Warming Winter Dishes. Attendees will learn to prepare dishes such as chicken and dumplings, sausage and polenta, Tuscan beef and black pepper stew and chile verde with braised pork. The class will focus on tips and techniques that make preparing these dishes simple.

“This first class will hopefully introduce the students to a more creative approach to cooking and help them gain the skills needed to pull off these amazing dishes with ease,” said GBC Winnemucca Center Director Lisa Campbell. “It is our hope that people walk away with a renewed sense of confidence in their abilities in the kitchen. We invite everyone to come and enjoy this new experience.”

The second course will be offered Feb. 12 and the series will continue with one course a month after that through May. All courses start at 6 p.m.

February will feature Dinner for Two, a romantic three-course meal that will include fare such as fried calamari, Osso Bucco (a veal dish), chicken piccata, ratatouille, risotto Milanese and tiramisu.

The class on March 14 will focus on Cooking at Home. This session will cover practical ways to cook healthy meals without sacrificing taste. Participants will learn batch cooking and how to shop for ingredients on a budget. Dishes may include pico de gallo, steamed quinoa, harissa roasted potatoes, slow cooker pork loin and pollo asado.

Breakfast and Brunch will be featured April 18 with a variety of methods for cooking eggs, plus casseroles, pancakes and quick breads. Lox and bagels may also be included.

This series will wrap up May 9 with The Backyard Grillers just in time for the barbecue season. The class will examine how to use and operate charcoal and gas grills and open-fire cooking. Dishes may consist of grilled flank steak, roasted chicken, salmon on cedar plank, ejotes corn and grilled fruit with mint syrup.

The whole sequence may conclude with a culinary competition designed to pit student against student in an exciting one-of-a-kind food-prep face-off for a slew of great prizes. Details will be revealed in the near future if a competition is planned.

This series is being offered by GBC and will be taught at the Boys and Girls Club facility. Classes are $99 each.

“These courses offer a fun way for people to gain cooking experience or improve on the skills they have,” Campbell said. “There is no commitment. People can sign up for one or all five. This is a wonderful addition to our offerings and we encourage everyone to participate.”

The Silver Chef Series is just the beginning for Great Basin College’s newly revamped Continuing Education program which is geared toward community interests and opportunities to gain new skills and experiences.

Participants are offered a chance to broaden their horizons in many areas. In the near future, the college will be unveiling some new programs to enhance people’s knowledge and expertise in a multitude of areas.

Enroll in the Silver Chef Series online at Those who would like more information can call the GBC Winnemucca campus at (775) 623-4824.

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