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NRES 222 Soils (3 credits)
Introductory course providing an understanding of soils structures, properties, formations, and composition as it relates to plants and other environmental aspects. Emphasis will be placed on study soils from a land use and management perspective.

Prerequisite: Must also be enrolled in NRES 223

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NRES 223 Soils Laboratory (1 credits)
Designed to complement NRES 222 lecture course. This one-credit hour course is presented to provide students with hands-on laboratory and field experiences to better understand the science and management of soils. Designed to complement NRES 222 lecture course.

Prerequisite: Must also be enrolled in NRES 222.

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NRES 310 Wildlife Ecology and Management (4 credits)
Wildlife ecology is the study of interactions between organisms and their environment. Wildlife management is the practice of balancing the needs of wildlife and other factors that have an adverse impact on these species. Explores many aspects of what wildlife managers do to help insure the long term success of wildlife.

Prerequisite: Must have completed BIOL 190 or BIOL 191.

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NRES 432 Advanced Environmental Toxicology (3 credits)
Chemistry and toxicology of toxicants in the environment, particularly pesticides. Other topics include metals, food additives and hazardous wastes. Describes how selected classes of environmental contaminants interact with cellular processes, biochemical reactions, organs and tissues. Influences on individuals, populations and ecosystems. Describes the relationship(s) between toxicants and the multiple ways they interact with the endocrine system. It is recommended that student have completed CHEM 241 before enrolling in this course.

Prerequisite: Must have completed CHEM 122.

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